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Travel- Why?

Most of my travel posts are brief and I let the images tell the stories of my trips… However, the intention was to travel the world telling the stories of people. The true story of life- lives lead by you, a friend, the person who sat next to you on the metro, or the homeless […]

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In the land of corporate, the weekend is nothing to scoff at. Those precious 2 days are the savior of sanity. Those 2 days are the days we always plan all the fun things we want to do but most of the time those fun things take a back seat to all those obligations such as mowing […]

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Travel Tuesday in Portugal Snapshot

Phew… the last few weeks and the several ahead are peak high season for me. Double header weekends shooting the most fabulous couples who are so deeply in love. So with that, I have neglected my travel posts but not because I wasn’t thinking about traveling 😉 So, the next trip on my list is Peru. I […]

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Amanda and Juan Annapolis Engagement Snapshot

Annapolis- what an incredible location for an engagement session! History, boating, cute little shops, and something around every corner to grab your attention. Despite all those distractions, Amanda and Juan were completely consumed by each other. Their love is contagious, fun, and so intense.  There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun […]

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Travel Tuesday in Vatican City Snapshot

Vatican City is one of those places which completely consumes you. As you walk toward the mouth of the city, it’s almost as if youre pulled in unknowingly. Masses of visitors of the present and past flow by all while your eyes are locked on the incredible architecture before you. Soon daydreams of the Pope […]

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