Bella Luna Farms Seattle Wedding Photography

Julie Harmsen Photography, (Seattle Wedding Photography) Smita and Johann, Bella Luna Farms, and the perfect Seattle day equals nothing short of pure wonder. Julie invited me to back her up on this exquisite Seatlle wedding – let me just say how in awe I was of her clients and this stunner of a venue.

Having not been in Seattle for very long, most venues are new to me but I think after shooting this one, I have a favorite. Every last detail was placed with such care and the colors of the day were combined in such beautiful harmony.

Julie has an uncanny ability to tell the perfect story from beginning to end and hers from this day can be found here. Here’s my version of the love story between these two beautiful people.

seattle wedding photography seattle wedding photography seattle wedding photography

I’ll say it again. . . perfect details. The colors, the settings, even the chairs are perfection.

seattle wedding photography seattle wedding photography seattle wedding photography VA_0850seattle wedding photography seattle wedding photography seattle wedding photography

Capturing cultural touches during weddings is a favorite of mine. So unique and beautiful!

seattle wedding photography seattle wedding photography
VA_0842seattle wedding photography seattle wedding photography

Ready for gorgeous Seattle Wedding Photography that captures your unique and real-life love? Of course you are! Contact me to chat about your wedding vision and how I can document this huge milestone for you!

Katie DeLorme is a Seattle Wedding Photographer that travels worldwide capturing difference cultures on her adventures as well as weddings in Montana, Alaska, DC Metro and Iceland. P.S. She loves FILM!

julie harmsen photography - It was such a pleasure having you along and your added eye was of great value. Love what you captured. xo

Melissa Yocum - Wow, Katie. I have no words. These are so unbelievably luxurious and gorgeous and intimate! Truly STUNNING art. I’m in awe.

Destinee - Wow! These are stunning images of a beautiful couple. Blown away!

Karen - I am crazy about this venue, the wedding, the bride and groom, the outfit changes, the details, that gold plate full of fab accessories, EVERYTHING! great job!

lauren - KATIE!!!!! This wedding is absolute and complete PERFECTION. My goodness girl. You rocked this so hard. I can’t even with this bride’s beauty, the groom’s infatuation with her, and your incredible attention to detail. I seriously need to hire you for a family session when you’re back on the east coast! <3

Kendra - What a special wedding! Love all the filler shots you added made me feel like i was there <3

justina - Your attention to detail is divine, absolutely wonderful. What a beautiful day for a truly beautiful couple!

Nicki - Your photos are stunning!! This venue is gorgeous and I love all the colors and details. You shot this wedding so beautifully, great job!

Caitlynn - Hello gorgeous from beginning to end! I’m in awe of your talent. Their beauty and love pours from your images. And those details – my goodness! Incredible work.

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Seattle Modern Wedding – Capital Hill, Volunteer Park, Foundry


Awake to your wedding day cuddled together.

Share the laughter with all your friends.

Toast champagne.

Leave hand in hand as the team you are.

Become a family.

These days are my ultimate favorite. When a couple gets ready together, my heart explodes with happiness and feel as though I am truly becoming a part of their lives as they embark on this marriage  journey together from start to finish.

This sweet couple chose to get ready together in the most stunning condo in Capital Hill, Seattle. Each dressed separately and casually met in the living room for one of the sweetest ‘first looks’ I’ve ever been a part of. I’m sincerely hoping this becomes more of a trend for the coming years! This is my second experience with this approach and the no stress, no travel obligations, and no time restrictions, makes for the most incredible getting ready images. Not to mention, both sides of attendants were able to hang and enjoy a leisurely morning together sipping coffee, champagne, and nibbling pastries before the shin dig started. Tina and Patrick rented this gorgeous condo for the purpose of having a clean and bright space for photos as opposed to a dimmly lit hotel room. I could not have been more excited to shoot in this space and it shows how making a decision like this can completely change the look of your memories. They also opted to get ready together to share the whole day of experiences with each other and all of their friends. I also have to give a huge shout out to Michael Rowley for having me shoot this rad wedding with him!


VA_0820 VA_0815VA_0810VA_0814


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Glacier National Park Adventures – Montana

For some time I have been building my brand to attract adventurous couples. Since I moved to Seattle, Washington I have been given such amazing opportunities to shoot with the most incredible backdrops. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and the lovely Montana are just a few states which have captured my heart this year. In 2 months, I have shot 2 weddings at Glacier National Park, Montana and my love for the gorgeous state/national park grows with each visit. This couple dared to be different. This couple dared to push their time with me to the limit. They embraced the Montana whirlwind of weather to create a unique and completely memorable experience. They chose an adventure session over a typical engagement session. They wanted to experience life together while having it documented. We wandered through the woods, they canoed on the incredibly choppy Lake McDonald, and they walked hand in hand along the beach. These moments, those days, are the ones I live for. Thank you for sharing your love, your lust for adventure, and your fearlessness with me. You both are so beautiful inside and out.


VA_0802VA_0793Montana Engagement 1VA_0800VA_0799



Canoe Rental | Great Northern Resort

Coordinator | Field Wedding Studio


As a hybrid photographer who shoots about 95% or more film, I tend not to show off any digital images.  Instead they become backups or just supplemental; however,  in some rare cases I know the digital images will give a completely different feel to the session and these are an example of that.










Zach and Sarah - Well, I am glad they pushed you to go here! What a beautiful location! Unbelievable! I need to see something like that in person! Absolutely love your style for shooting, btw! Love the canoe too! The one of them in the canoe when they are paddling away is my fav! Just can’t get over the scenery! You did a great job capturing it all!

shannon - i’ve said it before, but i just love how you capture glacier. it’s fun to see it through someone elses eyes. what gorgeous, gorgeous session. the canoe ones are amazing. love love!!!!

Amanda Burnette - This set of images is at the top of my list of favorites. No one I know can capture the adventure and wildness of a situation like you do, and this is just a stunning example of that. Bravo, my lady!

Bobbi - KATIE! You never cease to blow me away with your talent! This session though… THIS SESSION… this one just trumped all other Katie sessions… I’m literally speechless… Incredible images by an incredibly talented artist. High fives all around.

Natalie - Shuuuut the front door!! Is this even real life? Holy crap, the mountains look painted! And her hair?! HOLY GORGEOUS!!!! You are fabulous, Katie!

Jenny - All those canoe photos would be framed on my wall so fast if I were them! Beautiful, and oh-so-stunning work, Katie!

Julina - UM…can we say AMAZING!! I’ve literally scrolled through these pictures like 7 times! Probably my favorite of yours yet!!!

lauren - Is this real life?!?! Holy COW these are amazing! That backdrop is SERENE and these two are just the cutest couple that ever was! Amazing job Katie!!!!

Karen - Oh my Lord! Her gorgeous hair! The beyond crazy beautiful boat shots, the scenery! This is Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

Kristine B - LOVE the setting and this gorgeous couple!! I have total hair envy, btw!! 🙂 I just can’t get over how beautiful these images are!

Maike Pulliam - Holy wow. I’m totally in love with this session…. gorgeous work! And beautiful couple!

jacqie - ohhhhhhhhhhhh you knowwwwwwwww i love it! so. effing. awesome.

kristina - man oh man oh man!!! these are ahhhhmazing!!! what beautiful work and couple!

Caitlynn - These shots scream adventure! And amazingness. And incredible talent. And gorgeousness! Love that shot of him kissing her on the forehead in the canoe. Seriously crazy good.

erin s - These are so beautiful and natural! I am seriously in love! Everything about it is gorgeous and these two look like models! <3

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Montana Mountains and Family Love

2 weeks ago: Montana, your lovliness is all encompassing. The moment I drove across the border and consumed your lush air, I knew I was in a land so sureal and full of life. Despite the vigorous fires and somber attitudes of locals, I grasped for every organic fiber around me. The dusts and smoke had settled in a matter of 24 hours – upon my arrival, it was as if the state had never seen such tragedy as the air was clear, the sun shining, the life of the community was restored. In these moments my incredible clients reveled. It was the eve of their marriage, we adventured into Glacier National Park. They canoed on Lake McDonald, frolicked through the cypress trees, and loved each other through all the hurdles and ups and downs. As our incredible adventure session wrapped, they asked if I would want to photograph their darling sister’s family. To which my response was “OF COURSE!!!”. Any chance I am able to capture love and togetherness, particularly in Montana, my answer will always be ‘Yes’! Molly and Nate, I am ever grateful for the happy accident of us meeting. Your darling family is one I hope to photograph for many years to come. Your love and excitment for and with Mimi is so honest and true and as such your family is one I hope to emulate one day. X’s and o’s to you three!
Montana wedding photographer 5Montana wedding photographer 1Montana wedding photographer 3Montana wedding photographer 4

Montana wedding photographer 2Montana wedding photographer 7


jacqie - ohhhh i love that scenery. these are gorgeous as always, katie. this is so on brand for you. 🙂 cute baby too! <3

p.s. love her boots!

Natalie - These are adorable! What a beautiful family. This location is everything! Fabulous job, Katie.

Abbey - What a gorgeous family!! I love all the shots in the cool teepee structure! Beautiful work!

Cher Hulling - This is my son and my lovely daughter in law and granddaughter thank you for these pictures they are so amazing

rachel - These are amazing!!! Such an awesome place to do pictures, and such a beautiful family!

lauren - Every single one is amazing!! Such a beautiful and happy family – you captured them perfectly. I am DYING over the image of mama and baby walking away from your camera.. that is one image that Mimi will cherish as she gets older.

shannon - beautiful, beautiful family!! love seeing your montana work. so gorgeous!!!

Jenny - This session is surreal! Beautiful family, and you can see how over-the-moon in love they are with their sweet girl.

erin s - These are so beautiful and serene! Love them all – fantastic job 🙂

Nicki - Wow! This session is just amazing! Adorable family in the most perfect location?!? What’s not to love! Fantastic job!

Julina - KATIE!!!!!!!! You are a downright amazing photographer! Love seeing what you are up to! Big things are coming your way!!!

Karen - Love the creamy dreamy light! That little munchkin is so darling! Such a sweet family! Beautiful scenery shot so beautifully. well done my friend

Kristine B - These images are gorgeous – just like the family!! So stunning, I can’t even pic a fav. Awesome job.

kristina - that location is awesome and they look so lovely, great clothing choices!

Gisselle - I LOVE LOVE your style!! Absolutely gorgeous session!

Caitlynn - PRECIOUS! The location. The family. Their little one. Really love the shot of that beautiful momma kissing her little one and the one of mom and dad walking hand in hand looking at each other. LOVE!

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New Jersey Elegance – Kara and Joe

Flying across the country to shoot a truly exquisite wedding filled with both hilarity and poise is the absolute best! Kara and Joe know how to throw down but they also know just how to pull off the most elegant of affairs! Kara and Joe, photographing your perfect wedding was a true joy and couldnt be more excited to share these images with you!


Red bank New Jersey Wedding 12

Red bank New Jersey Wedding 2Red bank New Jersey Wedding 11Red bank New Jersey Wedding 9Red bank New Jersey Wedding 8Red bank New Jersey Wedding 7Red bank New Jersey Wedding 6Red bank New Jersey Wedding 5Red bank New Jersey Wedding 4Red bank New Jersey Wedding 3

Design: Always Design

Venue: Oyster Point Hotel

Catering: Oyster Point Hotel

Florist: Bloom Floral and Events

Dress: Mori Lee

Shoes: Ivanka Trump

Mens Tux’s: Black by Vera Wang

Hair: Peach at Salon Nesci

Make up: Rainier Beauty Inc.

Invitation and Save The Date: Carlson Craft

Dessert (including cake): Antoinette Boulangerie

Band: Ariel Music and Events in NYC

Reception Calligraphy: Natalie O’Dell

Illustrations: Stephanie Jimenez

Last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to the photography team – Lauren Allmond and Jennifer Cyr thanks so much for rocking it out with me.




Kara Vacca - Katie, these are UHMAZING. So great. LOVE the ones of Joe and I and of course love all the details! Can’t wait to see them all. You’re the best.

Diane Vacca - Katie, I have to agree with my new daughter-in-law!! These are BEAUTIFUL! You were everything that Joe and Kara wanted for their wedding and I thank you!! Love the one with Joe kissing his bride’s nose! He does that ALL THE TIME!
Cannot wait to see them all!

Kristine B - That veil blowing on the dock shot is sheer perfection! This couple is stunning and you captured them beautifully!!

Karen - I love how elegant and simply beautiful these images are! The styling is gorgeous!
Such pretty images filled with light!. Fab job , ladies!

shannon - these are heavenly!! SOOOO beautiful! love the one of them kissing under the tree 🙂
so beautiful and timeless. well well done!!

Julina - What a gorgeous wedding katie! Always such a big fan of all of your work, but this is no exception! Your are such a gifted photographer!

Bobbi - AHHHH!!!! I LOVE THEM ALLLLL!!!!! Seriously beautiful work friendo! 😀

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