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Washington Mountains and Light from the Gods

Each step delicately placed, one than the next, a journey upward into the clouds or perhaps above them. These days are those which recenter my entire being. With each toe balancing inside my boot as it hits a tree root, a rock, fallen pine needles, or even a mud puddle, my soul is rejuvenated just […]

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In the land of corporate, the weekend is nothing to scoff at. Those precious 2 days are the savior of sanity. Those 2 days are the days we always plan all the fun things we want to do but most of the time those fun things take a back seat to all those obligations such as mowing […]

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Travel Tuesday Takes us to Rural Virginia

This week I’m deviating from foreign countries and wild adventures. This week is a special tribute to my dear friend Amy who is an inspiration and true motivator! This week’s post is a celebration of our region and the vast array of lives lead in such close proximity. My dear friend Amy is one of […]

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Missing the weekend already!

This past weekend was filled with work, great fun, fabulous friends, and a new couple who stole my heart! Saturday I drove down to Faber VA on a whim to help out a dear friend. She is one of the most incredible women I know and is working toward her dream to build a kennel. […]

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Chilly days and a warm cup of coffee

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/months where everything just seems to go wrong? I feel like its been that way for many recently. My question is “why?”. Can we blame the time change, the persistant cold weather, the gloomy skies, the job just getting you down, those people in the mall or grocery […]

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